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Passionate about people making choices

"The hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread." 
Mother Theresa

I am ordained as a OneSpirit Interfaith Minister, Spiritual Counsellor, Coach and Mindfulness guide.  I've worked in many areas of healing over the years, and offer talking therapy, healing rituals, meditation and prayer with people of all faiths, or none. 

Ordained in 1998 as one of the first OneSpirit Interfaith Ministers, I've been involved in the field of personal and spiritual development for over 35 years, working nationally and internationally with individuals and also groups, supporting them in their spiritual awakening and development. 

I am also a Certified Grief Educator,  committed to providing the highest level of grief support through education, experience, and insights into the often-unacknowledged rocky terrain of grief. 

I'm deeply passionate about choice, equality and inclusivity, never discriminating against individuals on the basis of age, gender, sexual orientation, faith, race, ability, marital status or political beliefs.

Instead of living in fear, past or future, I will support you in your journey to develop self love, self care, and to start to live in the present.

​I also support families who care for people who are neurodiverse,  an area in which I have a personal interest.


My earlier career began in child development and child psychology. Then I spent over 13 years in tourism before moving my work to personal and spiritual development.
I have travelled extensively and am greatly influenced by the cultural, political and spiritual impact of my Asian Indian, British and Caribbean experiences. I have lived in India, Kenya, the UK and throughout the Caribbean. I have also worked in the USA and various European countries.

I have been a founding member of Woman Inc. in Jamaica, involved in creating a helpline and crisis centre for women at risk of abuse. I was instrumental in helping to create the annual trade show and exhibition, which showcased women in business from every aspect of society, to fundraise while promoting women and the value of their work.

I have volunteered to work alongside Mother Theresa and the Sisters of Light in Kolkata, India, working with both adults and children at risk.

I have worked as a volunteer counsellor with the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) / Childline in the UK. 
As a lead facilitator, I have supported and coached a youth development programme called Teens & Toddlers, which promoted self-esteem, aspiration, educational attainment, teenage pregnancy prevention and sexual health among at-risk youth.


"Rita has been an invaluable spiritual guide and counsellor over the last ten years since I’ve known her. She is one of the wisest, kindest and spiritually developed practitioners that I have ever come across. She has a deep passion and mission to help people overcome their fears and is full of amazing guidance on how to transition from fear into the calm loving space from which we can fulfill any and all of our heart’s desires. I loved working with Rita and have been counting on and following her guidance for all important and difficult decisions in my life." 


— Mira Beattie, Homeopath & Naturopath, UK

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Rev. Anita McKenzie

Rita has a wonderful engaging energy; it is a perfect fit with her work as an Interfaith Minister.


Nikola Savic, Educator

Rita inspired me and shared wonderful teachings that make healthier relationships and enabled me to find true happiness.

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Jean Lowrie-Chin, Author

Rita respects the beliefs of others and is compassionate and understanding. She is articulate and a considerate communicator. 

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