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Sacred ceremonies

Honouring key moments of our lives

A sacred ceremony provides an opportunity to honour the mystery and beauty of our lives; it helps us identify and acknowledge important moments of transition. Essentially, each ceremony is a rite of passage that can enrich our lives by enabling us to celebrate milestones along our journey. Celebrations help us mark not only the familiar highlights in life but also special moments of transformation.

A sacred ceremony, both for the holder and participant, can include aspects of any faith or spiritual path or none that may resonate. It does not require reference to any particular religious tradition. Ceremonies can be created to mark any special events that you or your family wish to celebrate as well as bringing closure to relationships and life events. Ceremonies can take place at any venue of your choice, or even virtually.

These might include any of the following or something of your own creation:

  • Naming, welcoming and blessings

  • Marriage & weddings

  • Funerals & memorials

  • Rites of passage & rituals

  • Engagement

  • Renewal of marriage vows

  • Commitment ceremonies

  • Special birthdays or anniversaries

  • Becoming a parent or grandparent

  • Change of career

  • House blessing

  • Divorce or separation

  • Change of name

  • Retirement

  • Death of an animal friend

  • Healing ceremony

Naming, Welcoming and Blessing Ceremonies

Naming and blessing ceremonies are usually associated with children and babies, but they can be carried out at any age. 

I offer a sacred and creative element to any ceremony of this kind that we can create together.  I can provide ideas about format, location, inspirational words and music to make the occasion special and memorable. I will work closely with you to ensure that all the words are just right for a special occasion, offering a choice of traditional, poetic, modern, humorous, religious or secular texts.

The choice of location for the naming and blessing is another exciting part of the ritual—a beautiful park or a venue special to you, including your own home and garden. Friends and family members can also play a loving and inspirational part in what can amount to a unique, intimate and beautiful ceremony.

Marriage and Wedding Ceremonies


"Lovers don't finally meet somewhere. They're in each other all along."
— Rumi


A marriage, civil partnership, hand-fasting or commitment is a highly personal, loving ceremony that may be traditional or unconventional. I offer my creativity and guidance as I help you to create a very special and meaningful service and celebration. If you are spiritual but not religious, or you and your partner come from different religious backgrounds, or if you have no particular belief system and just want something more than a registry office wedding, then I could be your perfect choice. I will work closely with you to make the ceremony special. I will help you to arrive at the wedding ceremony of your choosing. I will help with your own personal vows, if required, and lovingly guide you through every step.


It is still not possible in England, as a non-denominational minister, to do the legal registration of the marriage. You will need to arrange for the registration of the marriage sometime before or after your big day. This takes place in a registry office or on a site registered for weddings by the local council. However, if you choose, exchanging of rings and sharing your personal vows can be kept for the heart of the ceremony, which I will officiate in the presence of family and friends gathered to witness the event.


Wedding ceremonies can take place anywhere of your choice—gardens, woodlands, downs, beaches, hotels, village halls, private houses or other function rooms.

Funerals & Memorials

A funeral is a special, sensitive and loving ceremony that allows people to say goodbye to a loved one in a personal way. I will listen closely to the needs of family and friends honouring the life that has passed, as well as the requests of the bereaved. I am committed to respecting different spiritual paths and none, reflecting the multi-faith society in which we live. In this spirit, I endeavour to make funerals inclusive, caring and healing, so that all present feel recognised and comforted.


The service does not need to be restricted to a traditional place, nor must it use traditional wording; it can be as formal or relaxed, as spiritual or non-religious as you wish. There are many ways of honouring loss and expressing grief. Beautiful readings, music, letters and location can be chosen to reflect the unique life of the departed.


Today, there is a growing interest in creating your own funeral. I can also offer guidance with pre-planning and designing one's own funeral service.

Rites of Passage / Rituals

Our lives can get lost in everyday tasks, work and obligations, even in those whom we love. But life is also full of rich opportunities in which we can bring the sacred. When we turn our attention deeply to being present, we can become aware of the passing of each precious moment; every moment is filled with a release and an embrace, a death and a re-birth.


Rites-of-passage ceremonies awaken us to the depth and mystery of the present. They help us mark significant moments of transition. The ceremony invites us to step out of our daily lives, to pause and to honour the passage from one part of our lives to the next.


Rites-of-passage ceremonies have been practiced for eons and continue to have resonance in many communities today. They can enrich our lives, enabling us to recognise, acknowledge, celebrate and honour key moments of transition, such as:

  • Coming of age;

  • Leaving the parental home;

  • Becoming a mother, father, grandmother or grandfather;

  • Honouring an unborn child; and

  • Transitioning from adulthood to eldership / crone-hood.


I can create a rite-of-passage ceremony with you for any significant transition point in your life and that of your family. I will listen deeply to your needs, aspirations and spiritual beliefs and design a ceremony personal and unique to you and your circumstances.

Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away.

Maya Angelou 

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