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Read what others have to say about Rita

It has been such a honour and blessing to serve in this way and I am so grateful to everyone for these kind and thoughtful words.

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"I have known Rita for over 20 years. We met when we were both training to be Interfaith Ministers and Spiritual Counsellors. We struck up an immediate rapport and friendship. Rita had - and has - a presence that was calming and powerful. Throughout my marriage break up I would share my stories with her and she would empathise without sentimentality and be able to give me insights about what was happening. Her strength helped to carry me through. About 5 years after we had finished our training, I had met someone else and had a Commitment Ceremony in Connemara, Ireland where I live. Of course, Rita was one of the Celebrants. Who else to bring such grace and presence to such an important occasion!


Anyone who works with Rita will be blessed - blessed by her presence, blessed by her insights, blessed by her dedicated listening and blessed by her love. I can recommend her whole-heartedly."

— Rev. Geraldine Bown, Ireland

"I used the services of the wonderful Celebrant Rita Mitra on the occasions of the blessing ceremonies for all 3 of my children. She officiated in such a way that each ceremony was deeply moving, spiritual and inspirational for all present. Her calm, centred presence anchored and graced the proceedings. She listened attentively to what we as parents wanted and brought her own wisdom and ideas to bear at just the right moments to design beautiful ceremonies tailored to each child. I utilised her services because she is reliable, centred and carries out her duties with uncompromising integrity, thoughtfulness and dedication. I have profound and beautiful memories of those events and the beauty of each one is still recalled to this day by those who attended. Rita will bring all of her knowledge, wisdom, personal evolvement and spiritual insight to any undertaking she commits to and this will be readily apparent to anyone she works with."


— Maxine Martin, UK

"Rita was our Celebrant and Interfaith Minister who designed and conducted our wedding ceremony some years ago.  We still remember it with great fondness and we cannot thank her enough for giving us the most perfect wedding ceremony.


From our first meeting Rita was extremely friendly warm and helpful. She took the time to get to know us and wrote our ceremony after meeting with us on a few occasions and learning about our relationship, our lives together, what we love about each other, and our hopes for the future.  She helped us reflect on why we are actually getting married in the first place.  She accommodated all our requests and guided us when we were unsure. We felt she captured our story, our personalities our love for each other perfectly. She personalised the ceremony completely to what we wanted, respecting all that was important and meaningful to us as a couple.


Rita created a ceremony that reflected our values and culture - we both come originally from Poland - but also respected the traditions and beliefs of our wider family and friends, including the religious, non-religious and the spiritual.  And she made our guests, who came from different parts of the world and spoke different languages, really feel like they were part of the ceremony.


Rita has given us guidelines regarding how to write our own vows and helped us choose beautiful poems, quotations, music and rituals which were deeply meaningful to us. The ceremony was very moving, heartfelt and fun.  It was the perfect balance between light hearted humour, personal to us as a couple telling our story and serious when it had to be. We received so many compliments on our ceremony - so many of our guests have commented that it was the most personalised, engaging and special wedding they have been too.   


Rita is a genuinely loving, kind and mindful person with deep presence. She is also calming, reassuring and confident, which put everyone at ease both before and during the ceremony. She made our wedding a truly special day.  And we are still together. And are still in love… all these (nearly 20) years later. We cannot recommend Rita highly enough.


— Eva and Slavek Michalek, UK

"Rita is a very enchanting lady.  She stops to listen and cares a great deal about uplifting your spirits.


I was blessed to attend her son’s wedding and found it so heart-warming and uniquely special to watch Rita officiate the ceremony. Her words were poignant; her behaviour serene. I witnessed the most romantic and meaningful service of my life.   It was a joy to be sitting with other guests and being part of a very momentous occasion.


In life, we meet many people who help or guide us in many ways.   Rita makes me think differently and allows me to open my mind to wise and endless possibilities."


— Jan Jones, UK

"We often hear it said ‘it’s not what you know, but who you know’ and I often wondered what that really means, until I started to write about Rita Mitra.  I have known Rita for many years and have watched her navigate life and the responsibility for the guidance and development of her two sons. One who stayed the course through school to university and one with special needs. She took on both challenges with love, strength, determination and grace like most mothers do. However, her son with special needs needed extra-special attention. So, Rita began her journey of educating herself in order to better take care of her son’s needs and well-being. Her amazing son is now nearly 30 and thriving.


The information above is to demonstrate a little of her character and commitment to whoever she serves.  Rita, over many years, has gained a wealth of knowledge as a Spiritual Counsellor and Interfaith Celebrant. I had the pleasure of seeing her conduct a wedding ceremony, bringing aspects of the couple’s cultural differences and weaving together a patchwork of traditions specific to them, culminating into one of the most beautiful wedding ceremonies I have ever witnessed.


Having her as a friend also gives me the opportunity to see how she shares, generously, her spiritual connectivity with others, whether through sharing posts on social media or through direct contact with people. Rita brings inspiration to the many lives she touches.


Rita is truly one of our ‘Angels’ here with us."


— Veronica Lovindeer, Jamaica

"I have known Rita Mitra for several decades since our training as interfaith ministers and spiritual counsellors. I have always found her to be someone of meticulous observance of and consideration towards all those she meets.


She has developed this in her counselling practice, from which I have benefitted personally. On the death of my much- loved brother, I asked her to support me in co-leading a special family service in his memory. Rita's main support was in counselling me, so that I was able to honour my brother's memory as I wished. She continued to counsel me through the early stages of bereavement, which was invaluable.

Rita is a powerful observer of the human condition: highly intelligent and very eloquent. Importantly, she has great patience and empathy. She is observant, intelligent and perceptive—all the while giving her client the space they need."


— Rev. Joanna Ryam, UK

"I have known Rita for about 20 years.  I first met her when I was invited to work with therapeutic yoga with her beautiful son at their home.  I was always deeply touched by the care, support and dedication that she lovingly offered to the team that supported her son.  She is also a beautiful support for other parents of children with Autism and other special needs.  Through our shared love of spiritual life and the beautiful children, we soon developed a beautiful loving and caring friendship, and i was honoured to be part of many of her family celebrations which were always delivered with so much love and care.   I was also part of a beautiful chakra healing ceremony that she created, the memory of which stays close in my heart."


— Jyoti Jo Manuel, Founder - Special Yoga, UK

"Rita was the celebrant at our daughter Poppy's Blessing.  We had never done anything like this before and Rita held our hands through the whole process.  From the initial meeting Rita wanted to hear about Poppy and what we wanted to create.  She sent us countless emails with suggestions of the wording and the meaning of what we were doing so we could craft an individual service for Poppy.  Rita helped us to create a beautiful atmosphere with music for each part of the day and a magical space at home with candles and bunting.  Rita's dedication enabled the day to be a meaningful, beautiful and fun Blessing for Poppy with friends and family.  We are so thankful that we have the memories and pictures that will last a lifetime." 


— Michelle Matthews, UK

"Rita really listened to our requirements for our ceremony. Listening is a fine art and she understood the subtleties that we wished to convey to our guests.  She also guided us beautifully with the written aspects of the naming & blessing ceremony for our son and also for the renewal of our wedding vows making sure they came from a place of truth and not projection on to the 'other'. The day was wonderful in every way."


— Paola & Giles Kenningham, UK

"Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the thought, care and love with which you guided us in the creation of our ideal and unique wedding ceremony. By putting “love and light” at the centre of our public declarations, you helped us to connect our commitment to each other to our spiritual worlds in a way that was authentic for us both, as we are not religious in the formal sense. Your wealth of information and literature helped us to find wonderful readings that are so special to us, and your breadth of knowledge of wedding traditions across different religions gave us the confidence to incorporate poignant rituals that both linked us to something bigger, and also felt distinctly our own (e.g. the tying of scarves and walking in a circle as equals, the lighting of the candle). And your calm, heart-centred presence led us through the nervous excitement of the day and the ceremony such that we were able to truly pause and be present there with one another and in front of our loved ones. It was such a moving and beautiful day, one that we treasure so deeply and for which we are so very grateful to you.”

— Meredith & Sachin, UK

Spiritual Counselling & Coaching

"I have known Rita for over 40 years. It has been an honour and a privilege to have shared a path of love and growth. Her warmth sensitivity and sense of awareness enables her to connect and support others around her. She has a depth of knowledge and understanding which allows her to guide those she works with.

She is eloquent and creative with her vision and words she shares with people on things that matter to them. Rita brings a deep richness on all levels physical emotional and spiritual. Her unique and diverse approach only adds colour and beauty to the things she does and share with others.  I am blessed to know and have Rita in my life."


— Carmen Kane, UK

"I have known Rita Devi Mitra for the past four decades, ever since the 1980s, before she was even blessed with children. Over the years I have observed her Spiritual quest and admired her growth as she has gone beyond the confines of Religion into the universality of Being and the beauty of love.


From the beginning Rita has been a seeker of truth where she has been blessed with the most divine gifts of love, compassion and intuition, that she has used in the service of others. To be guided by her counsel can only result in your life being touched by her tremendous divine love."


— Oliver H. Jobson, Author on Spiritual Philosophy, Florida, USA

"Rita and her two wonderful sons have been a big part of my life for the past 24 years. Rita inspires me with her care, consideration and connection to her spiritual practice and path. Everyone benefits in Rita’s company; her warm, gentle wisdom is profound and sacred. For me, the world would have felt a shallow place without Rita’s presence and I am grateful for all our years of true friendship."


— Heidi Langmead, UK

"Rita has been an invaluable spiritual guide and counsellor over the last ten years since I’ve known her. She is one of the wisest, kindest and spiritually developed practitioners that I have ever come across. She has a deep passion and mission to help people overcome their fears and is full of amazing guidance on how to transition from fear into the calm loving space from which we can fulfill any and all of our heart’s desires. I loved working with Rita and have been counting on and following her guidance for all important and difficult decisions in my life." 


— Mira Beattie, UK

"I have had the pleasure of attending several workshops that Rita has facilitated, as well as sought her advice personally when I've been going through challenging times in my life. Rita has such a calm and considered approach and speaks with deep wisdom. 


It is clear that through years of life experience and her own spiritual journey, Rita has a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to share, to help and guide others. I can 'arrive' at a sharing with Rita, feeling anxious, confused and fearful about something that is happening for me.  But, each time, I feel listened to, 'seen' and come away from sharing filled with clarity and peace, enabling me to move forward more calmly and with grace.  Rita is a very special soul who shines a light into this world, and I feel lucky to know her."

— Emma Coxon, UK

There is a peacefulness within Rita’s demeanour; an understanding of struggle that calms one’s soul; a quiet joy that resonates. 'Let's find a way ’  'A truth of utter defiance’"


— Abe Gibson, Performance Artist & Writer, UK

"I have known Rita for many years. When I initially met her, she came to me as a patient at the Osteopathic clinic I worked in. Little did I know then that Rita was going to help me as much as I did her. As she and I started talking, I found that she was incredibly easy to talk to. I told her about some of the things that were happening in my life at the time- I was going through a time where I didn't feel heard in many facets of my life. Rita has a gentle way of asking the exact questions needed which opens up the world of exploration and makes you realise that you know the answers, you just need to dig a little! She was the first person to really hear me, completely non-judgemental, and really listen to what I was saying.


Rita encouraged me to attend AOL (Awakening of Love) workshop that she was a co-facilitator in. It was the first time I'd ever attended anything like that and wasn't sure what to expect. During the workshop she created and encouraged a beautiful energy, where I felt safe to enquire within and fully immerse myself in the exercises. She always finds a way to provide a space that makes you want to open up. These qualities are what make her a wonderful therapist and spiritual guide. No matter what your beliefs, or what your background is there is scope for investigating and Rita is an exceptional guide. Her words, her energy and her gentle encouragement changed the trajectory of my life so immensely, and as time went on I am pleased to say I consider her a wonderful teacher and friend that came into my life at the perfect moment." 


— Neriman Aziz, Osteopath M.ost, D.O, N.D, Singapore

Throughout the time I've spent with Rita, she has shown me endless support and generosity. She inspired me to think outside the box and get in touch with my spirituality. Rita showed me the importance of loving yourself and being grateful. She shared with me many other wonderful teachings that I'm now using to make healthier relationships with my loved ones and find true happiness in life. Rita is such a loving person and I will always be grateful to her..


— Nikola Savic, Educator, Belgrade, Serbia

"I had the great fortune to meet with Rita through a meeting of like-minded souls. She offered to be my spiritual guide and, from that moment, I truly believe I had been divinely led by my higher power to be introduced to her.


My life before…in a word - chaotic.

I was flailing around with no sense of direction, nor anyway of helping myself or correcting my messy thinking. Rita has been a constant guiding light to the path of my Higher Power. Rita allowed me to go really deep into my history whilst being ever so sensitive, holding my hand, when reliving buried traumas of the past, and she never let go. She gave me the tools and the space to process newly found revelations about my character and the willingness to push forward to discover more.


Rita is an incredible person with an insurmountable wealth of knowledge and an overwhelming need to help those who are experiencing turbulence in their spiritual life.


My life now…

I now live my life placing my Higher Power first and foremost, instead of people, places and things. When fear comes up in my life, I now know that; I'm not alone as I have my HP with me always, I am patient with my feelings, I know how best to surrender those feelings and I can watch them leave. The survival of one fear is the bridge to surviving another!


— Jackie, UK

Remember that the best relationship is one in which your love for each other exceeds your need for each other.

Dalai Lama 

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