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Embracing our differences and honouring our uniqueness

"The lamps are different but the light is the same."⁠


​As an ordained minister with OneSpirit Interfaith Foundation, I am governed by their code of ethics in all my interactions. I am committed to promoting the integrity of my training and practice. 

My aim is to keep my heart and mind open to everyone, to embrace our differences AND not let them separate us. Refuse to marginalise people on the basis of age, disability, state of health, race, gender, nationality, religion, sexuality, economic status or any other distinction. 

In my work and personal life I choose to:

  • Remember our unity and honour our uniqueness

  • Walk my talk and celebrate honesty

  • Protect clarity and honour physical boundaries

  • Represent myself accurately, whilst also maintaining confidentiality

  • Value support and supervision

  • Commit to continued awakening and safeguard my good reputation.



Accreditations, Memberships & Languages





  • English (Native), Punjabi and Hindi (conversational)

Emma Lewis.jpg

Emma Lewis, Advocate

Rita has the necessary qualities for an effective spiritual guide and counsellor: she listens carefully, and is inspiring.

Oliver Jobson.jpg

Oliver Jobson, Author

Rita is a seeker of truth. To be guided by her counsel can only result in your life being touched by tremendous divine love.


Rev. Geraldine Bown

Anyone who works with Rita will be blessed by her presence, her insights, her dedicated listening and her love.

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